Specialized Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration

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Carlson Power Wash is an authorized dealer of a World Wide Leader in ceiling cleaning, walls and restoration; Ceiling Pro International.

How does the CPI system successfully restore ceilings?

We use the appropriate mixture of our 19 proprietary solutions to tackle the specific problem we encounter at each site. The mixture reacts with the dirty ceiling and removes the soiling. This occurs without damaging the surface of the ceiling or walls.

Why Choose Ceiling Restoration?

  • 9 Proprietary Solutions to attack all grease & grime
  • No business disruptions for your customers
  • No damage to ceiling surfaces or walls
  • No lasting odor or mess
  • Surprisingly fast and effect
  • 75% less expensive than replacement costs
  • Noticeable brightening of your facilities 
Snow Removal Services
Snow Removal Services
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